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To comment on particular blog essays, I’d prefer that you do so in the blog essay comment section, so that others can see and perhaps respond to your comment.   If you would like to come directly to me, I’m open to that too, and will happily engaged in constructive and respectful dialogue. I’m at

14 thoughts on “Contact Me

  1. Sir, I have are your interview with Commander Divine on his unbeatable mind pod cast. I was wondering if there is somewhere on your website where I can susbcribe to receive your updated blogs or if you have an e-mailing list.

    I didn’t see one on your website.

    Thank you,


  2. Sir, I have been listening to Mark Divine’s podcast and I wanted to ask if there was a blog post of yours or somewhere in particular I could look to find the list of questions you presented at his unbeatable mind seminar. I am very interested to learn more.

    From one soldier to another,
    Thank you for your service.


  3. My blog on The One Thing is augmented by the review I wrote of the book The ONE Thing in Bob’s books under Business and Leadership. Make sure you look at the replies and comments – some good stuff in there as well! Bob


  4. Hello Mr. Schoultz,

    thank you for the interview with Cmdr. Mark Divine,
    I also just read the books you mentioned
    defining moments, high altitude leadership and the code of the executive.
    I took a lot of learning lessons from them as well from your website here.

    Thank you for your leadership Sir and Hooyah!


  5. Excellent and very appropriate for me as a musician. I am, like you have described crashing musically in certain situations. Starting tunes in a session, etc, just as you have described. Playing for folks i know vs in a groups of strangers. I am ready to work on correcting this with your words and books you have listed. Thanks!!!!


    • Carole – great to hear from you and would love to hear where you’ve ended up and what you’re up to. Still playing the pipes? the fiddle? Living happily ever after? Send me a note when you get a minute. Brad will in a few years be teaching his kids to play fiddle on that fiddle I bought from you and that he learned on. He has turned into a really good fiddle player and trad musician – playing a mean concertina, quite a good guitar accompanist, as well as most of the 4 string fretted variants – bazouki, banjo, mandolin. Anyway he and I will be going again to a music camp in the redwoods of Northern California this August, assuming the pandemic is over…I send you lotsa love… Bob


  6. Hey Bob,

    Thank you for your service! My name is Chase Jackson and I am an Optimizer who works as the Head Coach of an athlete training company. I am also the father of 2 boys ages 11 and 8. I am obsessed with leadership and I would love the honor and opportunity to join your monthly mental performance group. Wow, what an Honor!

    With respect,


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