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I have a blog-site where I post a short review of the books I read – I started in 2010 and stayed with it for a couple of years and then got lazy – took a break.  I restarted in June 2015.  If you’re interested in looking at the whole website, go to: .

I’ve broken my reading down into two groups of books:  Literature (and others)  and  Business and Leadership.

18 thoughts on “Bob’s Books

  1. Hi Bob-I was trying to find your alternate email or phone to contact about your USD email. Help Desk contacted me a little while ago.
    call me on my cell and i’ll explain- Shahra
    619 481 2637


  2. Bob-

    I recently read Jason Redman’s book, “The Trident: The Forging and Reforging of a Navy SEAL Leader.” I’d be interested in your thoughts on the book, if you’ve had occasion to read it.


    Doug Simon


  3. I’ve met Jay Redman, but haven’t read his book yet. A couple of friends of mine have read it and were impressed with his candor and sincerity. I also was told by some of the leadership at NSW Command that it is one of the few books in recent years by and about SEALs that they endorse. So I look forward to reading it. Bob


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