Some Insights on Social Branding

I just attended three excellent presentations and wanted to share with you a couple of insights I picked up at these presentations. I learned about for-profit and non-profit enterprises partnering to do “Social Branding” and I learned some new things about using the internet social and professional networking sites for both personal and corporate branding. The presentions on Social Branding were part of the “Increasing Market Share through Social Branding” conference at USD, hosted by the Ahler’s center for Inernational Business. If you want to know more about the conference and its theme, you can go to either read or listen to the interviews on KPBS’s These Days about “How Can Businesses Be More Charitable And Profitable At The Same Time?”
The first presentation I heard was by the Jake Kloberdanz, CEO of ‘ONEHOPE’ which buys and markets excellent wines, and whose mission is to donate 50% of their profits to charity. They have been very successful and have been profitable, and have succeeded in donating hundreds of thousands of dollars to a number of worthy causes. His line: “We measure success by how much we give, not how much we get.” ( More info on ONEHOPE at )
The second presentation was by Colin Brady, the Director of Business Development for the non-profit (RED) which was started and still run by the Irish rock star Bono. (RED) partners with Apple, Gap, and Starbucks to fund anti-retrovirals for HIV positive people in Africa. He explained how the partnership has contributed to saving the lives of millions of people with HIV while at the same time helping Apple, Gap, Starbucks (and partners) increase and improve both Brand recognition, sales and market share. This appears to be a great example of for-profit/non-profit partnerships doing good while doing well. (More info on (RED) at )
I left the Ahler’s Center conference to hear the third presentation at a lunchtime session we held for MSGL students on personal branding and networking. At this session, Melonie Gallegos, the social media specialist for Geary Interactive spoke about how companies and individuals manage their brand and public image through creative, yet prudent use of on-line media sites, such as Twitter, Facebook, Linkedin, Plaxo. She offered recommendations for managing one’s on-line ‘identity’ and recommended everyone ‘google’ their own name – because other people who want to know about you are already doing that. She asked “Do you know what will pop up, and is this how you want to be identified?” She offered advice about managing what people will see when using the standard search engines to do research on YOU. Her slide show can be viewed at: and is full of interesting insights for those of you who don’t spend a lot of time in the world of on-line media.
A great and thought provoking morning for me – now I’m back in the office getting caught up. Until next time.

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