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1 Sep I’m reading a great book entitled Questions of Character – Illuminating the Heart of Leadership through Literature, by Joe Badaracco, Professor of Business Ethics at HBS. The book is based on a course he teaches entitled “The Moral Leader.” A couple of the pieces of literature and cases he discusses in the book are discussed in a short article, “Why Leaders need Great Books” that you can access here I found another short article about his approach that I like, which you can see by clicking here entitled “Machieavelli, Morals, and YOU.” In this piece he offers some very good practical wisdom and gives a positive spin on Machiavelli’s morals. Note the four interpretations of Machiavelli’s The Prince at the bottom. By the way this Harvard newsletter on lessons from their business school classroom is available for free. Enjoy. Bob

27 Aug John Ruzicka will be notifying Alumni about a student/Alumni reception here on 24 Sept, which will coincide with an info session for anyone wanting to know more about MSGL. Also we are on point for USD in sorting out how active duty and veterans will be able to use Post 9-11 GI Bill to support their education here. Stephanie is probably the smartest person in the region on that moving target. The Government is still sorting it out. Bob

19 Aug For those of you looking for a mentor, or who are mentors for others, I saw a great article in the WSJ on the responsibilities of protoges in mentoring relationships. Go here. I’d appreciate any comments in the comment section of this blog. Bob

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